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Wine Themed Dessert Table l Housewarming


This past Saturday, I had such a blast creating a wine themed dessert table for friends of mine who were hosting a housewarming party in Quincy, MA. The table creation had desserts from Cannolis, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Mini Tiramisus and many more mouth watering treats. When I was imagining the dessert table in my head, I wanted it to look simple and clean. My friend, Jane loves red wine so I took that idea and used it for our theme.
I decorated the table with bottles of Red Wine that Jane and Mike already had in their home. On the corners of the table, I placed couple of wine glasses and artificial grapes to give the table dimension and personality. The grapes were purchased from the Dollar Tree in Hanover, MA and the place cards were made at the Paper Store in Higham.

* Sorry for the low quality photos. I had left my camera at home so the next best thing was my Iphone.
The mini Cheesecakes, Fruit Tarts, Cannolis and Tiramisus are from Konditor Meister located in Braintree, MA
The fruit tarts were amazingly DELISH and the colors fit right into the theme 
I purchased these chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery and placed them into clear baggies and tied it with a string. The cardstock, I cut them into square shapes and bought a “Thank You” stamp from Michaels Store and stamped the tags.

Congratulations to my good friends, Jane and Mike, on their gorgeous new home.  I can’t wait to stop by for our wine and cheese nights! Love you both.
Sweet Planning!