{Engagement} Nilufer & Redwan


Nilufer and Redwan are just two beautiful people inside and out. You can just tell when a couple is meant for each other and they totally are! When I first met Nilufer at our consultation we hit it off right away. I think it's because she's so detailed and organized. Actually, I KNOW it's because she's both of those things. Over the last couple of months I have built a wonderful relationship with these two and I can't believe their wedding is finally here. This weekend my team and I will get to coordinate their Mehndi party (applying of henna on the hands and feet) and wedding in Worcester, MA. Nilufer and Redwan, we are so excited to be coordinating your wedding and witnessing you become husband and wife. Congratulations to you both!

Sweet Planning!

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Prizes Part II


Back in March, I created the Breakfast at Tiffany's themed boxes for a bridal shower which you can read about here if you haven't checked it out already. I finally got to see the pictures of the prizes at the shower. Thank you Sue for sharing these gorgeous photos with us. You made one stunning Audrey Hepburn!

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Oh Happy Day!


Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been a bit busy with many EXCITING projects that I will be sharing with you shortly. But today I want to introduce you all to a blog that I've been selfishly hiding. Oh Happy Day blogger, Jordan Ferney, is a party planner and letterpress printer from San Francisco, CA that I've been following for quite some time now. My sister, Susan, who also lives in SF, pointed me towards her direction. Jordan's creativity and Do It Yourself projects makes me excited to get up in the morning and read her blog to see what she has in store for her readers. One of the many DIY projects that I'm loving are the super fun photo props, which are printable. They range from a Batman mask to bunny ears to fashionable hats (in honor of the royal wedding of course).

Here are the instructions from Jordan :)

8.5×11 paper and 11×17 inch paper if you want to make the bigger pieces.
Foam core
Spray Mount
Exacto Knife

Step One: Click on the free printable button (at the bottom of this post) and print out pictures of the props.
Step Two: Using the spray mount adhere the paper to the foam core.
Step Three: Using a sharp exacto knife cut out the shapes of the props.
Step Four: Tape the dowel to the backside of the prop. Voila! You’ve got your very own set of photobooth props!

All photos courtesy of Oh happy Day!

Are they not the most creative props ever? Thank you Jordan for sharing this awesome project with us! Visit her site to get the FREE downloadable props. My team and I recently created these props for a photo booth at an event I coordinated. The guests definitely enjoyed themselves. Here are some of the photos to prove it.

If your looking for party ideas or coordination, you've come to the right place. Please contact linda@tshirtspascherfrance.com for your next wedding or event!

Sweet Planning!