Cake Shooters


Okay, I think I may have found my new obsession. How cute are these Cake Shooters ? I first heard about these push up layered cakes when I was reading People Magazine and saw a picture of Actress, Tori Spelling serving pink and white Cake Shooters for her daughter, Stella's second birthday.

Sprinkles Custom Cake based in Florida are the geniuses behind the super fun portable push up pops for Stella's birthday bash! Sprinkles ship these mess free Cake Shooter all over the US costing $3.00 per shooter and $36.00 for a baker's dozen (13). The flavors are available in Pina Colada, Yellow raspberry swirls, Sprinkles signature and OMG (a combination of raspberry swirl and chocolate butter cream icing).

As much as I love cupcakes, these adorable shooters win a piece of my heart. :)

Sweet Planning!



Linda Mou said...

These are really cute! I always enjoy reading your desert blogs :)

Linda said...

Thanks Linda! I would have to agree, any blogs about desserts are always fun to read.

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