Vintage Girl Studios


I first heard about Vintage Girl Studios (VGS) when I attended the wedding expo at the Seaport Hotel couple of weeks ago. My first thoughts about the idea..brilliant. Providenced-based photographer and entrepreneur, Krzystyna Caldarone, launced VGS, a one-step, make-up and photography shop in the New England market in 2008 offering professional photography studio sessions that transform women into models of past eras. This fun, vintage-inspired shoot includes outfits, props, make-up and hair styles which are great for individual sessions or the entire bachelorette parties.  What's great is that you can use the images taken to create calenders, playing cards and even a money clip for your hubby. Whatever you have in mind, Krzystyna from Vintage Girl Studios is your lady!

For more information, please contact Krzystyna Caldarone at 617.504.9087 or email her at .

Thank you Krzystyna for sharing your wonderful ideas with LDT!

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OPI Axxium Gel Manicure


If you've been searching for a ever lasting color for your manicure, search no more. OPI Axxium Gel is exactly what we've all been waiting for. The color gets applied like a nail polish but last like a gel. It's great for brides who are looking for a product that will stay on from the day of your wedding till the end of your honeymoon trip. 

My sister, Judy who’s also my manicurist introduced me to this product and I truly love it. Typically when I get a mani the color would stay on my nails for a couple of days before it starts chipping. But with OPI Axxium Gel, my color continue looking pretty for over 2 weeks. For pricing, a regular manicure could cost between $10-$15 and with the gel manicure it ranges from $25-$30 (depending where you go). Oh yeah, and remember when you have to sit at the salon for hours to dry your nails or it'll get smudge once you walk out that door? With Axxium, it's zero drying time!

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4 Perfect 'Bar' To End The Evening


There's something about a candy bar decorated with your desired childhood candies that makes a wedding reception that much sweeter and more wedding couples are incorporating it into their big day. They're playful and wonderful for your guests to interact with one another and adding a few personal touches or choosing your favorite color design can make your station look off the charts! The candy bar trend will only get more in style through the years and they’re certainly here to stay in 2011. Another fabulous trend to wow your guests is to select a different type of bar, whether it’s a cigar or brandy station to surprise your groom or a chocolate dessert bar for the sweet tooth lovers. Below are some of my favorite bars to reveal at the end of the night that will have your guest talking about your wedding day for years to come!

1. The Coffee Bars:  What a great treat for your guests to personalize their own beverages. For the table, you can incorporate different types of coffee flavors and serve it with multiple toppings including; whipped cream, peppermint sticks, shaved chocolate or even sprinkles! If you have a larger budget, hire a mobile coffee bar serving your guests cappuccino's, hot chocolates or even smoothies. Now that's one of a kind!

2. Old Fashion Soda Bars: What is there not to love! Soda Bars can add a playful touch to any wedding reception. Arrange the soda bottles by colors or even flavors and have your guest choose their favorites. Attach a straw with a charming personalized tag on each bottle and they can be given out as wedding favors.  

3. Popcorn Bars: If you and your sweetheart are popcorn fanatics, this bar would be a perfect compliment to your wedding. Set up different flavors of popcorn; from caramel to chedder cheese in large jars with personalize ribbons and tags to add a cute touch. Your guest will definetly have a popping evening!

4. Mash Potato Bars: Different? Absolutely. Mash Potato is such a comfort food to serve up to your guests at a wedding after a long night of dancing. Serve the single scoop of mash potato in martini glasses and have a buffet of toppings for your guest to choose from. Have fun with your toppings; whether it's butter, chives, cheese or try something more daring, horseradish, lobster or even guacamole.

Photo by Must Love

There are countless ideas to choose from. Be creative when selecting a bar at your wedding reception. A great way to narrow down your options when choosing a station is finding one that fits your wedding theme. If you’re having an elegant black tie affair, you might want to stay away from a taco stand.

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