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Elegant Centerpieces l Baby's Breath


We could all agree that beautiful centerpieces are one of the main focuses of any wedding. Generally, flower arrangements are used as the center on tables at receptions. A budget friendly showpiece that is becoming more popular and commonly used are Gypsophila (also known as Baby’s Breath). These gorgeous fillers are primarily used in bouquets and arrangements but they can create a whimsical and romantic feeling when used suitably alone.

I used to think that Baby’s Breath just hid in the background of beautiful flower arrangements. Never thought that they could be utilized as its own entity until now. I just love seeing these giant, spherical shape Baby’s Breath arrangements used in thin candlelight vases! These beautiful creations could be used during any wedding season but for Winter weddings, they truly add a breath of fresh air. Absolutely ravishing and tasteful!

Photo by JLDesigns
Table d├ęcor for weddings could cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Stop by a flower market or even your local florist to see if you could get a discount on Baby’s Breath or any other flower if purchased in bulk. Fifteen bunches of Gypsophila will cost you approximately $5, and these beautiful tall Cielo Pilsner Clear vases for $12.99 at Jacobson Floral Supply would add a striking touch to your centerpiece. If you are not a DIY kind of gal, provide your ideas and supplies for your local florist to get a quote for them to arrange it for you. Using filler flowers such as Baby’s Breath that are in season all year round could really help you cut your budget costs.

A good friend of mine, who’s getting married next year, is considering using Baby’s Breath centerpieces as the main attraction at her reception. As I pointed out earlier, not only are they remarkably inexpensive, they are aesthetically pleasing as well. One word that definetly comes to my  mind when I think about these light and airy flowers are GORGEOUSNESS!

Sweet Planning!