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Nilufer & Redwan Part 1 l Mehndi


This past July, I was the Day-of-Coordinator for Nilufer and Redwan's two day Indian wedding. The first part was a peacock themed Mehndi. Some of you are probably wondering what is a Mehndi? It's a party for the bride and her female loved ones that occurs before she gets married. But with all the guests arriving from all over the world, the lovely couple invited everyone who was attending their wedding day.
During the Mehndi celebration, henna ink tattoos were applied on the palms and feet of the bride and the ladies. The designs were so intricate and beautiful. In India, they believe that the darker the stain left behind, the deeper the love is between the bride and groom. Throughout this dynamic duo’s Mehndi, there were tons of performances by the bridal party, friends and family. At one point, even the groom got up and performed a number with the groomsmen!

Shoba from Alankar Decors decorated the stage and it looked phenomenal!
Peacock feathers were placed inside each napkin folds
Beautifully wrapped gifts were placed all over the stage for Nilufer and Redwan
This was my first Mehndi experience and it was incredible. Thanks to Michelle of Michelle Forbes Photography for these fantastic photos! Details of Nilufer and Redwan's wedding will be posted shortly. Enjoy.

Sweet Planning!