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Besides my love for planning weddings, my other obsession is delicate creations called cupcakes. Back in December, my boyfriend and I took a trip out to La Plata, Maryland to visit his cousin, Matt. The following day, I dragged the boys along for a road trip to Georgetown Cupcake (also known as DC Cupcakes) run by sisters, Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis located in Washington DC who had their own television show on TLC of last year.

The line was insanely long when we arrived at this specialty store. I certainly had second thoughts about waiting outside in negative degree weather but somehow convinced myself and the guys that it'll be worth the wait. The line moved pretty quickly and after 25 minutes of waiting, we were finally in! The cupcakery had a real fun whimsical environment. All the cupcakes are baked on site daily and the smell of the place was delectable. The cupcakes only cost $2.75 each.  For an even better deal you could get ½ dozen for $15 or a dozen for $29. They are perfectly sized and incredibly moist. I had to stop myself from drooling while I ordered my top choice cupcakes. Salted Caramel, Mint Oreo, and Key Lime were just a few of my selections. Of course, the Red Velvet Cupcake made it out of the store with us but it wasn't long until I got a hold of it.

My overall experience at Georgetown Cupcake was great. I would definitely recommend anyone who is a fan of cupcakes to stop in and pick up one, two or a few to go! If you can't make a trip out to Washington DC anytime soon, not a problem, Georgetown Cupcake ships throughout the US! The show's second season airs on TLC on Fridays at 10pm!

Sweet Planning!


Jade Tran said...

what a delish little story!! thanks for the yummy tidbit! =)

Linda said...

Thanks Jade! The next upcoming wedding show is March 27th at the Hyatt Regency in Boston. You should join me!

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