OPI Axxium Gel Manicure


If you've been searching for a ever lasting color for your manicure, search no more. OPI Axxium Gel is exactly what we've all been waiting for. The color gets applied like a nail polish but last like a gel. It's great for brides who are looking for a product that will stay on from the day of your wedding till the end of your honeymoon trip. 

My sister, Judy who’s also my manicurist introduced me to this product and I truly love it. Typically when I get a mani the color would stay on my nails for a couple of days before it starts chipping. But with OPI Axxium Gel, my color continue looking pretty for over 2 weeks. For pricing, a regular manicure could cost between $10-$15 and with the gel manicure it ranges from $25-$30 (depending where you go). Oh yeah, and remember when you have to sit at the salon for hours to dry your nails or it'll get smudge once you walk out that door? With Axxium, it's zero drying time!

Sweet Planning!

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