Susan & Moses' Brunch Reception Wedding l Part 1 of 2


The wedding I'm going to blog about is one that is very special to me because the beautiful bride is my older sister. Susan and Moses, “SuMo” were living in New York City when they got engaged, but without a doubt, they knew an intimate and fun wedding in Boston was what they were striving for.

My sister needed help, especially since they lived over 200 miles away.  I accepted the honor of planning their 119 guest wedding. “SuMo” came back one weekend a month to meet with me and organize all the details for the wedding. For months, we phoned, emailed, and texted each other A LOT!  The three of us collaborated and worked on all the creative details which came out pretty amazing.  Some of the “do it yourself” (DIY) things that were involved for the wedding were the invitations, save the date cards, floral centerpieces, and props for the photo-booth.

Moses was very involved throughout the whole wedding process. What a keeper I must say. Being a graphic designer , his skills came in very handy.  He designed the save the date cards, invitations, and drink menus.

Susan and I had to create some props for the photo-booth but our amazing photographer, Joshua Behan , came with many fun props as well.  A couple of details I’d like to share that we used are a cork board for the seating chart, which we found at Michael’s Craft Store  and bird cages, purchased from , that we decorated which were placed at their own station for the guests to put their cards and blessings for the bride and groom.

A few days before the wedding, we were nervously waiting for the arrival of the Hydrangeas that were ordered online from BJ’s Wholesale Club so the centerpieces can be arranged. When the day of the wedding finally arrived, all the DIY’s were absolutely perfect!

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Sweet Planning!

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