The Perfect Nursery: How to Choose Furniture and Create a Toddler's Paradise

Choosing brand-new furniture for a kid's room is like painting a picture. When starting the arrangement of the premises, you should think over the content, design of the room in advance and draw a rough plan. A space for a child is his territory, where he has to play, do homework, do what he loves, sleep and simply live.

Parents often face numerous difficulties when choosing furniture for the smallest family member. Manufacturers are constantly expanding their assortment, coming up with new options and forms, and such an abundance does not simplify the search. Nevertheless, knowing some tips, you can easily cope with this task and purchase quality furniture, for example, Wood And Hearts — with it, the children's room will be transformed beyond recognition.

How to select furniture

The most important rule is safety. The room should not have: sharp corners, but only rounded; glass elements that a child can reach and break or fall into by throwing, for example, a ball. It is essential to pay attention to such things:

  • Stability of objects, because heavy unstable furniture is a risk to the child's health. All fasteners must be secure.
  • Safe furniture and toys.
  • Environmental friendliness. Wooden furniture is preferred.
  • The conditions for maintaining functionality and ergonomics are very significant.

How bright should the colors of the furniture be for the child?

Childhood is a time of fairy tales, games, and cheerful carelessness, so a children's room should be colorful and not just functional, eco-friendly, and stylish. In the child's room, bright accents and things that uplift the mood are desirable. It is essential not to overdo it!

A children's room should not be dull, so you need to make the most of your imagination, but clumsy, aggressive shades and color chaos should be avoided. An excessive riot of colors tires and negatively affects the psyche and vision of the child. Most importantly, it is better to ask the child about his favorite colors and suggest that he pick the one for his room.

Mandatory room attributes

The future furniture in the nursery must, of course, correspond to the child's age. If this is a baby, then it is advisable to choose a bed with protective sides. As the child grows closer to school age, there is a need to change the environment. In the place where, for example, a changing table stood, you can install a table with a chair for classes.

Moreover, shelves for books are also needed. Such pieces of furniture can be made taking into account the interests of the child, for example, for a boy in the form of a car and a girl in the form of a princess from her favorite cartoon. If the child is already in school, a desk must be installed with sufficient daylight. You also require additional shelves, bedside tables for personal belongings.